[Equipped to Recover] How Wellness Culture is More Harmful Than You Think with Dori Steinberg & Laura Cohen

Do you feel like you're in a never-ending cycle of diets, weight loss programs, and disordered eating?

Like many, you may have explored the world of wellness culture as a reprieve. But it may surprise you to learn that "wellness" can actually harm your relationship to food and body. Take a listen to find out why. 

In this finale episode of Equipped to Recover, we dive deep into the hidden dangers of wellness culture. We speak with Dori Steinberg and Laura Cohen, two experts who turned their backs on successful careers in the wellness industry after realizing the truth about "wellness."

Get ready to challenge your beliefs around wellness, unlearn harmful habits, and embrace a new perspective on true health and well-being.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Dori Steinberg's realization of harm caused by weight-focused approach and her personal experience with an eating disorder
  • The harmful effects of society's focus on wellness, weight, and health and the need for unlearning
  • Approach to work with compassion, empathy, and a keen eye for diet culture language and behaviors
  • Laura Cohen's disillusionment with the diet and weight loss field and her journey to becoming an anti-diet practitioner
  • Dori's personal struggles with weight and eating and their decision to seek recovery and help others
  • Change in mindset and career paths for both Laura and Dory in the wellness culture industry
  • Discussion on the uncertainty and conflicting messages in wellness and diet culture
  • Importance of connection, body image as a process, and avoiding negative language and self-shaming in food choices
  • Recognition of the small success rate of weight loss and acceptance of diverse body types and the detrimental impacts of weight stigma on health




Timestamped Summary of Episode:

[00:02:29] Dietitian turned anti-diet practitioner helps families.

[00:05:44] Successful researcher professor faces internal struggle, seeks help for eating disorder.

[00:12:59] Vivid memory of life-changing book experience.

[00:17:02] Wellness and diet culture are ambiguous.

[00:21:06] Compassionate editor helps clients with disordered eating.

[00:24:00] Weight loss success rates are extremely low. The connection between weight and health is complicated, and weight stigma may be more detrimental to health than weight itself.

[00:27:59] Sharing impactful journey, dispelling weight loss myths.

[00:30:03] Laura and Dori's stories inspire cultural change.

[Equipped to Recover] How Wellness Culture is More Harmful Than You Think with Dori Steinberg & Laura Cohen
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